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GBWhatsApp Pro 17.51

The Latest Version of GBWhastApp 17.40 is now available to download from our website. New Updates with more features.

We Know, You guys Facing a Similar Issue Shown in the above image. This is Happening Because We do not provide our Updates on Time. After v17.52 We have taken so long Time to Update the GBWhatsApp and Other MODs, That’s why you guys Facing this Issue.

The Solution is to Do Nothing with The App. Just Wait for a Few Hours and We will Provide an Update within Today 6:00 PM. After Downloading that Update, This issue Will be Solved.

AlexMODs has just released the newest version of his App GB WhatsApp to Versions 17.51 based on This version is specially made for Fixing the 1-Hour Freequnt Ban Timer. Stay Tuned with this Article and We will discuss All about GBWhatsApp Update Version.

GBWhatsApp Pro 17.51

As you know GBWhatsApp Pro is the Most Advanced and Popular WhastApp Mods among other Apps. We eagerly Wait for new Updates and improvements of it. Unfortunately, The 17.51 Update does not include any new features. This update is only About fixing The temporary Bann problem in GBWhastApp.

In the previous version of GBWhatsApp Pro 17.20, 17.30, 17.35, and 17.36 have a huge issue of Banning user Accounts frequently. You might also face the same issue.

GBWhatsApp Temporary Ban

This Update of GBWA Pro has the Strongest Anti-ban Protection, You will never get banned by Using this Update. So if are facing the same issue then Update the GBWhatsApp By Downloading the latest APK From below download link.

Changelog 17.40

  • Base Update
  • More Anti-Ban Protection
  • Anti-Ban People Who are Getting Repeated 1-Hour Ban
  • Other Fixes and Improvements

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